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About Us

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Vanguard Stars has been organizing a tennis circuit since 2018, very innovative and differentiated. The circuit is intended for sub10 and sub11 (F/M). The Vanguard Stars Circuit appears one afternoon in Lisbon in a conversation between the General Director of Vanguard Stars, Tatyana Bezukladnikova, and the CEO of Vanguard Properties, José Cardoso Botelho, while they were watching their children train at CIF, in Lisbon. The theme focused, essentially, on the possibility of developing a project that aimed to help and encourage the practice of sports in young athletes, in a sport for which both are passionate. In this way, Vanguard Stars was born, a program that aims to encourage the practice of sports, especially among young people, through various national and international competitions, with high organizational quality thinking about athletes and their families. From the first day, the circuit was supported by the Portuguese Tennis Federation, a partner that remains to this date. Likewise, Wilson, a historic sports brand, is a partner of the circuit.

Sponsored by Vanguard Properties, Vanguard Stars started in May 2018, with a first tournament at CIF. The Vanguard Challenger 2018 consisted of three stages in Lisbon, Porto and Vilamoura and a Masters in Lisbon. The Masters is the final result of the stages carried out, where only the 10 best of each level and gender qualify. The first edition was an immense success, which definitely contributed to the decision to keep the circuit.

The 2019 event raised the bar by promoting stages in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and Vilamoura), Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris), with the support of the respective national Federations. The huge adhesion of the athletes, and the unanimous positive reactions, led the organization to add two new stages: Lyon and Seville to the 2020 race, the first ending up not taking place due to the pandemic. Despite the exceptional context in which it took place, Vanguard Stars 2020 still had 585 entries, which demonstrates the success of this unique event.

The 2021 Circuit managed to achieve success, through a lot of effort and organization of all, in general with more than 150 athletes per tournament. Despite the global pandemic situation, the Circuit was marked by 5 fantastic stages, in Portugal and Spain (Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Vilamoura and Seville), and culminated in the 2021 Masters. known. Throughout the entire sporting year at Vanguard Stars, the COVID-19 Protocol was always respected, which showed the greatness of all those involved (athletes, families and clubs). At the 2021 Masters, we had the presence of the mythical coach Toni Nadal, who gave us a lecture, presence at the gala and on the 1st day of the tournament, a clinic with all the players.

In 2022 we enter our 5th edition, with six stages (Madrid, Lisbon, Lyon, Porto, Vilamoura and Seville), ending the Circuit at the end of the year with the Masters 2022. All this is only possible with the contribution and availability of the athletes, family members, clubs and federations as well as Wilson.

In 2023, Vanguard Stars was awarded the Maria de Villota - Ciudad de la Raqueta Prize in Madrid as the best sports company for its brilliant contribution to European tennis.

Six remarkable years condensed into a story of much tennis, friendship, and principles.


The Vanguard Stars program has as its main purpose the promotion of sports competition. We believe that the practice of sport enhances the abilities of young people, namely physical and mental resistance, focus, and leadership, which are important elements for their future careers.

Vanguard Stars, thus intends to contribute to the motivation of young people to practice sports through an event held with an unusual level of demand and quality in these levels. While promoting a healthy lifestyle, social and family life, which transforms, the prizes and the Welcome Pack, unique in Portugal and Europe.

Our Team

  • Tatyana Bezukladnikova
    Tennis player having attended several international academies, namely of Juan Carlos Ferrero, Rafael Nadal and Patrick Mouratoglou. Graduated in Public Administration and Licentiate in Oil and Gas Management and Economics, by Technical University of Perm Russian Federation. She has several years of experience in the commercial and marketing area in Russian and Portuguese companies.
  • Javier Viguera
    Special Sport Advisor
    Bachelor of Law and MBA in Sports Management. He is a tennis expert at all levels, thanks to his experience as a tennis player and later as Director General of the Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy, Director of events and tournaments in China and Director of Promotion and Development of the Spanish Tennis Federation, among other positions. Born in Badajoz, he is well acquainted with Portugal and its customs, and has an international profile for his experiences abroad and his language skills. Team Manager, with deep commercial vision and broad coordination skills, aiming to achieve the objectives.
  • Diogo Vasconcelos
    Consultor de Comunicação
    Bachelor degree in Social Communication from the Escola Superior de Educação de Viseu and currently attending a Master's degree in Marketing Research, Diogo Pestana Vasconcelos is 25 years old and has extensive experience in promoting sports and cultural events, crisis management, social media and in business communication. Former director of Marketing and Communication for a professional football team, Diogo is the communication consultant for Vanguard Stars' Circuit.
  • Miguel Magalhães
    Graduated in Business Management from IPV (Polytechnic Institute of Viseu), he has solid experience in event coordination. Throughout his academic journey, he developed essential skills for efficient management in the events field, including interpersonal communication and strategic planning. His goal is always to optimize each tournament, ensuring its quality in accordance with established requirements
  • João Moura
    Referee Judge
    Manager and organizer of the competitive tables of tournaments and results, through the TieTenis platform. Manage athlete registrations on the TieTennis platform. Control the games of the stages and the results, managing the field supervisors


Partners & friends

vanguard properties

Vanguard Properties (VP)  is the largest national real estate developer acting in the residential segment. Started in 2017 as a result of a partnership established between a European family office led by Portuguese-Swiss investor Claude Berda and José Cardoso Botelho, a manager and investor with extensive experience in the national real estate sector. 

Vanguard Properties has a highly qualified team that works in all stages of the process, from prospecting for investment opportunities, through marketing and sales to after-sales services. 

Currently, the group has 22 projects in its portfolio, with residential, touristic and hotel developments. Spread over privileged locations in Lisbon, Oeiras, Algarve and Comporta, add up to a gross construction area of ​​around one million m2 above ground, in a total investment of over 1.150 million euros. 

In addition to Vanguard Stars, in sports, Vanguard Properties is also an official sponsor of the Millennium Estoril Open, the Lisbon Belém Open as well as the CDUL and the golf player Pedro Figueiredo (“Figgy”).