Vanguard Stars Wilson Ambassadors are under-10 and under-11 tennis players who set an example by accepting this humanitarian solidarity mission.

During the opening ceremony of Masters Vanguard Stars, the 8 Ambassadors received a contribution composed of a bag of Wilson clothing and sports equipment that, together with their coaches, offered in their clubs, with a view to their distribution to the most deprived population and the fight against social exclusion at international level.

The choices we make every day have a real impact on others and small actions can make a big difference. Solidarity begins in young people.

Ambassadors Vanguard Stars 2023




Francisca Rosado Correia


Luis Castro Moreno

Marta Mendrano Rembado


Fernando Molezuelas Hernando

João Tiago Pedrosa

Tiago Leal

Ambassadors Vanguard Stars 2022

Who are the Vanguard Stars Wilson Ambassadors?



Madalena Mariano de Sousa 


Ruth Balmaseda

África Hermida-Torrico


Alberto Peña

Tomás Viana

David Calugareanu

Cláudia Perez

  Ana Casimiro

Ambassadors Vanguard Stars 2021

Who are the Vanguard Stars Wilson Ambassadors?



Bernardo Teixeira


César Lemos


Fernando Santayana


Inês Esteves


Isabel Hernandez


Lena Raposo


Nuno Graça Moura


Sofia Silva



Ambassadors Vanguard Stars 2020

Vanguard Stars in 2020 had no ambassadors as a result of the pheamic issue, yet this solidarity and humanitarian mission continued.

The Vanguard Stars team distributed wilson clothing and sports equipment to support young tennis players. The main objective of the distribution among the most deprived population is to combat social exclusion.

The choices we make every day have a real impact on others and small actions can make a big difference. Solidarity begins in young people and adults are the first to set a good example.

Ambassadors Vanguard Stars 2019



Alexia Koch
Antonio Hidalgo Periañes
Bruno Abreu
Claudia Herrero Mañanes
Dário Ruiz Cruz
Diana Branco Fernandes

Diego Fidalgo Moreno

Frederica Botelho Nunes
Javier Montes Jimenez
Nahia Sánchez-Marín
Paola Piñera
Paula Muñoz Baquero
Sofia Díez Navarro